Health and Nutrition

Grades 1 to 3: Oregon State Growing Healthy Kids

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Grade 4 and Up: Nutrition to Grow On

An innovative curriculum for grades four through six that offers teachers a direct link between the garden and nutrition education.

Nine lessons are designed to teach children and their families about nutrition by relating each lesson to a garden activity.

Additional Resources for Grade 4 and Up: PBS Teachers - Health and Fitness

27 Lesson Plans to Choose From

Additional Resources for Grade 4 and Up: John C. Stalker Institute of Food and Nutrition

Lessons for Elementary School, Middle School and High School

These links include a variety of resources for grades K-12, including curricula, lesson plans and other classroom resources on nutrition, gardening, farm-to-school, and nutrition-related health topics.

Health, Nutrition and Food Printable Worksheets

Exercise, Fitness and Nutrition from Kids.Gov

Teaching Nutrition and Healthy Living to Kids

Nutrition Information for You

Health and Nutrition Information for Educators

Serving My Plate - A Yummy curriculum

Nutrition for Kids - Guidelines for a Healthy Diet from the Mayo Clinic