Home Gardening Guide for Your Family (This one was recommended by our friend Lauren)

(This one was recommended by our friend Kate!)

Learn all about landscaping, garden care, composting, flowers, vegetables and herbs.

And make sure you scroll to the bottom for isome kid friendly resources!

Kid's Fun: Growing Tropical Fruit (YouTube Video)

Growing Papayas from Seed in a Container (YouTube Video)

Growing Papaya from Seed

Permaculture for Kids!

Fun Pineapple Facts for Kids

School Gardens

"School Gardening engages students by providing a dynamic environment to observe, discover, experiment, nurture and learn. School Gardens are living laboratories where interdisciplinary lessons are drawn from real life experiences, encouraging students to become active participants in the learning process."

Describes indoor and outdoor gardening projects for children, plants suitable for kids to grow plus interesting fact and figures.

"My First Garden"

A guide to the world of fun and clever gardening.

Gardening with Kids

"Turn digging in the dirt into a lifetime of love and respect for nature with your children."

Gardening with Children

Gardening with Kids

"The Garden Launch Pad"

Technical Info for Older Students and Adults





Fun Facts - from

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