Growth Mindset / Social-Emotional Learning

Supporting Information for Our Lessons

Lesson 1:  General GMS and/or Grit concept
"How to raise happy kids according to science"
"Parenting: What to Teach Your Children When They're Not in School" by Carol Dweck
"What Every (Great )Parent Should Know About the Mindset of Success" by Sumitha Bhandarkar
"Teaching Girls to Adopt a Growth Mindset" by Lisa Damour, Ph.D
"How to Use Praise to Encourage a Growth Mindset"
"5 Things You Can Do to Encourage a Growth Mindset in Kids"
The Secret to Raising Smart Kids

Lesson 2:  Friendship

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Lesson 3:  Being a Friend to Ourselves - Self-esteem

"Why Saying Is Believing The Science Of Self-Talk"

"Why Thinking You're Ugly is Bad for You 

Lesson 4:  Teasing - Learning When to Stop and How to Stop It

"How to Stop Being Teased and Bullied Without Really Trying"

"How to React When Someone Teases You"

Lesson 5:  Fears

Lesson 6:  Bouncing Back

"Ten Tips for Raising Resilient Kids"

"10 Ways to Make Your Children More Resilient"

Lesson 7:  Feelings

"Tips for Helping Kids Handle Their Emotions"

"Teaching Children to Read Emotions"

Lesson 8: Conflict Resolution

Kids' Health - "Conflict Resolution"

Lesson 9: Better Communications for Better Relationships

Four Communications Rules for Parents

Teaching Children About Self-Talk