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Energy for Kids 
Kids and Energy 
Alternative Energy 
Renewable Energy 
Alternative Energy 
Renewable Energy 101 
What is Renewable Energy? 
Energy Sources           

Habitat Selection in Animals     

Information on Arthropods       

More Cool Stuff on Arthropods

The U.S.G.S. Water Science School

All you ever wanted to learn about water!

Water Science for Kids!

Water! From Ducksters!

Top Ten Water Experiments for Kids

Water Science and Technology for Students and Educators

Mix Hot Science with your Cool Ideas!

Simple Machines Types and Functions (Kindergarten, Preschool)

Bill Nye the Science Guy!  Simple Machines!

Science Trek - Simple Machines

Simple Machines

A good, general overview of Simple Machines.   Your device will need to be able to open a PDF file.

Background Information for Simple Machines.

Making an Archimedes Screw

Watch this little girl make an "Archimedes Screw" for Science.  This is a good example of how a "screw" can be used to do work.

Older students can learn more about Archimedes and his invention here:'_screw

All Six Simple Machines in One Project!

This project is an example of something we call a "Rube Goldberg Machine".  Rube Goldberg was a famous engineer, inventor and cartoonist.   He was best known for drawing fun cartoons that showed many different simple machines being used to do something very simple at the end.

You can read more about Rube Goldberg here:

Rube Goldberg machines are very challenging to build and require your brain to use a lot of science!  Here is a great example of a Rube Goldberg Machine

And here is Steve Price, who was a contestant on "America's Got Talent" demonstrating his Rube Goldberg Machine:

You can Google "Rube Goldberg Machines" and find examples of hundreds more!  Students all over the world are building them as part of their Science Class.

This scientist makes neat Science Kits, but you don't need to buy a kit to get some great ideas!  He has videos on most of his projects.  Take a look and see if you can find one you can do on your own.

Kitchen Chemistry - from PBS Kids

Chemistry For Kids - Fun Activities, Experiments and Projects

"Hey kids, now learn chemistry in an all new fun and interactive way with our cool videos, interactive media articles and fun projects."

Home Experiments

A great collection of experiments you can do at home.

"DIY Cleaners You Can Make at Home"

Great chemistry here!  Learn how to make very effective cleaners with environmentally safe products you have at home!


"Thanks for visiting! Right now, you're on CHEM4KIDS.COM. If you are looking for basic chemistry help and information, stay on this site. It's not just for kids, it's for everyone. We have information on matter, atoms, elements, the periodic table, reactions, and biochemistry. If you're still not sure what to click, try our site map that lists all of the topics on the site. If you surf and get lost in all of the information, use the search function on the side of the pages."

Science for Kids

From the American Chemical Society.  Many great activities!

Chemistry for Teens - Grades 6 to 8 from!

Many great resources.

Ducksters - Chemistry for Kids

"Chemistry is the branch of science that studies the properties of matter and how matter interacts with energy. Chemistry is considered a physical science and is closely related to physics. Sometimes chemistry is called the "central science" because it is an important part of other major sciences such as biology, Earth science, and physics. Scientists who specialize in chemistry are called chemists. "

Periodic Table Game - "Proton Don"


"NASA will pay will tribute to the crews of Apollo 1 and space shuttles Challenger and Columbia, as well as other NASA colleagues, during the agency's Day of Remembrance on Friday, Jan. 31. NASA's Day of Remembrance honors members of the NASA family who lost their lives while furthering the cause of exploration and discovery. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and other agency senior officials will hold an observance and wreath laying at Arlington National Cemetery Friday morning."

* Also checkout the NASA App for your iPad or tablet device.

Science and Space - Solar System 101 by National Geographic for Kids

Solar System Exploration by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

Space and NASA News!

Our Solar System by Astronomy for Kids

Free astronomy network for kids - created by a 9 year old!

Solar System Lesson for Kids | Learn about Planets , Stars, Galaxy - YouTube video.

Famous Scientist Facts and Quotes

"The world we live in today would no doubt be a different place if it weren't for the amazing discoveries produced by this list of famous scientists. Their ideas, research, experiments, publications and determination are an inspiration to those that follow in their footsteps."

"Very cool facts and tips on ecosystems".

Learn the basics about biomes.

"Biomes of the World"

"World Biomes"

National Geographic - "Habitats"

"Threats to the Rainforest"

Eco Kids - "Threats to Our Forests"

Geography for Kids - "Ecosystems"

"Untamed Science"

"Biology Guides, Biodiversity and Free Science Videos",%20dolphins,%20and%20Porpoises

"Kids Biology"

Learn about whales, dolphins and porpoises!

Whales and Dolphins for Kids

Learn how to help endangered whales and dolphins.

Fun facts about whales and dolphins from the Marine Animal Conservancy.

"What is a Whale?" from Enchanted Learning.

"Killer Whales" (Orcas) from National Geographic

Dolphins and Whales printable coloring pages, clipart and more!

Rainforest insects!

Unique Rainforest Bugs

Fun Insect Facts for Kids

"Bugs" from National Geographic

Bugs for Kids!

Crafts, activities and more.

"The Place for Cool Bug Stuff"

Insects - From Kids Discover

Fact Zoo

Fact pages and pictures of curious creatures!

Photo gallery of the birds of Costa Rica

Animals of the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

"Wildlife of Costa Rica" from Wikipedia

Animals in Costa Rica and Central  America

Facts About Costa Rica

Not just wildlife, but very interesting!

Great collection of rainforest information from Scholastic and a neat quiz to test your knowledge!

Earth Day Network

Monday, April 22nd is Earth Day!

Visit the website and learn about "The Face of Climate Change".

Earth Day games, crafts, quizzes and more.

Earth Day info and resources from the United States E.P.A.

Rainforest Rangers - Operation Morpho!

Great fun while learning how to save our rainforests!

How do planes fly?

A great resource from the State of Connecticut to learn about the basic principles of aviation.


Great site from NASA, learn all the basics about airplanes and aviation

The Wright Brothers

"Official Website".  Learn all about the brothers and their history with the airplane!

Lots of photos!

Amelia Earhart for Kids!

Don't forget, March is "Women's History Month" and this page helps you learn about the great woman aviator - Amelia Earhart!

Flying With America's Most Famous Female Aviators

"Dozens of talented women preceded Amelia Earhart, and thousands have followed, and each has her own groundbreaking story to tell."

Famous Pilots from

Learn about many of the famous men and women throughout Aviation History!

Ultralight Aircraft!   Read about these exciting aircraft and visit them right here in Uvita!

Alex's Paper Airplanes

All about how to make great paper airplanes!  Includes videos.

Paper Airplanes HQ

How to make 50 kinds of amazing paper planes.

Science Kids

The Scientific Process spelled out for kids along with guidelines for Science Projects.

Science in Action

Scientific Method steps made simple for kids.

Kids Biology

Human Biology

Animal Biology

Animal and plant classification

Games! Worksheets!  More Science resources!

Biology 4 Kids






"The plants and animals that are found in a particular location are referred to as an ecosystem. These plants and animals depend on each other to survive. In a delicate balance, these lifeforms help to sustain one another in regular patterns. Disruptions to an ecosystem can be disastrous to all organisms within the ecosystem."

World Biomes

Kids Do Ecology

What are Biomes?

How many Biolmes are there?

The Electric Avenue

Learn all about electricity and how it works.   There is history information, safety information, games and a nice glossary.  Good intro to electricity.

Try Science

Great site for field trips, adventures, and experiments. You can even see live cams from science museums around the globe.


Very cool!   From the website:

"OLogy means "the study of." And here on the American Museum of Natural History's OLogy Web site, you can study and explore many cool OLogies.

What's your favorite OLogy? If you're fascinated by spiders, then you're into ARACHNOLOGY. If you erupt with joy for volcanoes, then VOLCANOLOGY is your thing.