"A great way to open children up to the possibilities of the arts. Art and music are essential in expanding the horizons of children beyond the everyday, and children that are exposed to art and music early on are known to do better and go farther in life than they would have without it. Introducing the arts in the form of games is a great way to start them out with a love for art and music."

"You're visiting a community of students, teachers, and parents who know that learning can be fun... that playing games is a great way to learn the basics of music.

This website contains hundreds of learning games of varying levels, all carefully planned to gain mastery of the elements of music theory, ear training and rhythmic skills in an exciting, challenging environment."

"Classical Music Interactive Learning and Games for Kids."

"This site lets kids easily create and experiment with music and rhythm by drawing their compositions on a "Musical Sketch Pad". Also includes musical puzzles which challenge users to put melodies in the correct order, and other fun activities."

"Resource of 6,900 classical music files in MIDI format from 525 Composers. Search for a composer or play a random song."

"This site, from the San Francisco Symphony, introduces kids to music in a highly entertaining and animated way. Learn about instruments, and then discover the basics of how music is made, through tempo, rhythm, harmony, and more. In addition, other activities let you experiment with playing music."

"Learning about and listening to different instruments, reading music, musical genres and links to additional sites are the features of this site."

Music - from Kidsites

Classical music archives.

Learn to read music.

Learn about various instruments.

And more!


From the website: 
"Here you will meet 52 composers, conductors and instrumental performers - Africans, African Americans and Afro-Europeans.  Many are alive today, but one lived 500 years ago!"

Songs for Teaching

This one is especially for music teachers!  But it is not limited to music teachers.  This is a really neat site that shows you how to integrate music into nearly every subject.  Very cool, check it out!