Metric Conversion Chart

"Fun Math Puzzles that will Bend Your Brain!"

"Math and Logic Puzzles"

"Math Puzzles" from the University of Utah

"Thinking and Logic Puzzles

"K-12 Puzzles from the Math Forum"

"Brain Food - Mathematical Reasoning Puzzles

"Math Riddles" from Math Warehouse

"Whiteboard Learning - the Basics of Geometry

Recommended by Mrs. Paull's Math Tutor Group

Least Common Multiples

A handy "tool' for calculating the least common multiple of two or three numbers.

PBS Kids Math Games

For the little ones.


"In the world of Cyberchase, the dastardly villain Hacker is on a mad mission to overthrow Motherboard and take over Cyberspace with the help of his blundering henchbots, Buzz and Delete. But Motherboard enlists the help of three curious kids, Inez, Jackie, and Matt, and their cyberpal, Digit, to stop him. Their weapon: brain power. In For Real, the live-action segment following each animated episode, Harry and Bianca show kids how math can help solve life’s wacky problems in the real world."

"Math Playground has fun and challenging games that will give your brain a workout."

For upper grade students.


All grade levels.  Over 500 games, grouped by grade level.  iPad and Android apps as well.


Learn all about Roman Numerals.

Roman Numeral Challenge

The Challenge: Convert Arabic numbers to Roman numerals or vice versa.

Cool Math 4 Kids!

"Cool Math 4 Kids is a math site specially designed for what kids like and how they learn!  Math really CAN be fun and really CAN be easy to learn.  One "thank-you" email I received from a parent said, "No more tears at homework time!"  That's what it's all about!  I've got lots of cool math lessons and cool math games on the site(s) to make math fun...  
So, look around...  Play together and learn!  

Famous Mathematicians

"Learn about the famous mathematicians whose incredible work has helped change both the field of mathematics and the world we live in today."

Basic review of geometry

Fourth grade geometry activities

Geometry from

High school level geometry

How to do long division

Long division

Master the basic math facts and you are off to a great start!

Math Bingo for your computer.  Great way to practice your basic math facts.

Have an iPad?  Download the Math Bingo App.
(Click here for more iPad apps: )

Great lessons and games for grades 1 - 6.

Need help with long division, fractions, decimals or more, check this out.

Fractions, decimals and percentages.

Introduction to Algebra


Everyday Math.

Very comprehensive site.  Working with numbers in computation, factors, fractions, square roots, ratios and proportions and much more!

Math Playground!  Math games, logic games, math arcade and more!

Cool Math

"Cool Math Games - Free Online Math and Thinking Games, Puzzles and Mazes"


"Interactive Games: The Cure for Mathaphobia"

Calculation Nation!

"Challenge Others, Challenge Yourself!"

"Math Play"

"Have fun learning math by exploring these fun and interactive math games!"

Math Playground

"Play with Numbers and Give Your Brain a Workout!"


Higher Level Math Games for the Math Genuises!


1,916 Math Games and Activities!

Kids Numbers

From the website: is the absolutely free math resource designed by teachers, specifically for students and children of all ages. A place where students can practice all aspects of math, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, in a fun and pressure free way. 

Math Goodies 

Worksheets, homework, lessons, games and more.

Convert Me

Simply put, this site will help you convert any unit of measurement to another.  Another great site to bookmark!  Also contains links to other conversion sites. 

Math is Fun 

Games, puzzles, worksheets. 

Helping with Math

Worksheets, resources, games.

Using Writing in Mathematics


Worksheets, teacher resources


From the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, activities, lessons, weblinks.
  Math worksheets sorted by difficulty


Dynamically Created Math worksheets

Homeschool Math 

Resource site for parents and teachers includes worksheets, lessons, games, ebooks and more!


Math worksheet creator covering beginning math, basic math facts, word problems, fractions, decimals, percents, geometry, measuring, exponents, factoring, time, money pre-algebra and more! 

Printable math worksheets for grades 1-6, test prep, study tips, homework help and more.