Pre K to 2

Fun Brain Jr.

Great games/activities for math and reading.


"Where children can have fun learning to read."

Kids CBC

Similar to PBS Kids, but produced in Canada. Learning games, videos and more!

"Boowa and Kwala"

You'll find sorting games, musical games, guessing games, puzzles and more!

Good selection for infants, toddlers and Pre-K!

Free online baby and toddler games!

"Early Childhood Today"

A good starting point for Parents and Teachers from Scholastic.  Great resources for learning about effective Early Childhood Education.

"PBS Kids"

Games, videos and more.  Great site!


Fun games for the Pre K - 1st group.  Also videos, stories, arts and crafts.

"Making Learning Fun"

"Whether you are a parent, teacher, or childcare care provider, you'll love our site filled with educational printables and activities for the children you love.  You'll find that pre-kindergarten through first grade students will enjoy our activities most, but you'll find yourself having fun too!"

"National Geographic - Little Kids"

Games, Arts and Crafts and much more!

Great games for the little people!

Safe Kid Games

Games "safe" for little people (free of violence and such).

Great selection!

Build Your Own Wild Self!  Check it out!

Fun Brain

Great games for math, reading and just plain fun!

Great learning games for the little guys.

Games, videos, creative activities and more!

Crafts, games, recipes, printables!

Wow!  A lot here!  Something for everyone!